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Will I need planning permission for my Ecopod?

Normally, planning permission isn’t required for our Ecopods as they are constructed less than 2.5m high externally, therefore falling within permitted development rights. Apartments and listed buildings however do not have the same permitted development rights, so consequently stand a much greater chance of needing planning permission. This is not something to be afraid of and can be a straightforward process that we are happy to help you with.

Can I have a hot tub in my Ecopod?

Although we advise you not to have a hot tub inside your Ecopod, if this intention is clear from the start, we could look at making alternations to your project design to make this a more viable option. As standard, our modular flooring system isn’t designed for carrying the excess weight of a hot tub, it also encourages the build-up of excess moisture inside your Ecopod which in turn would contribute significantly towards condensation and mould related issues.

Another option could be to include a side canopy to your Ecopod project, allowing you to put the hot tub directly onto the concrete base.

How do I pay for my Ecopod?

We have a three stage payment schedule for buying your Ecopod, click here for more info

How long does it take to build an Ecopod?

Depending on the size of your Ecopod and weather permitting, you can expect the construction phase of your Ecopod to be between 3 and 6 working days, based on a typical 3m x5m project. We will look to dig and lay the foundations and base at least one week prior to your build date.

Can I install a Sedum roof, of a ‘living roof’ on my Ecopod?

Our EPDM roofing system allows us the facility to install a Sedum roof or a living roof to your Ecopod if requested.

How long does the initial appointment take?

We advise you to keep approximately one hour free for a virtual appointment or a physical appointment on site.

What is left to do after the design & build process is completed?

Once we’ve finished constructing your Ecopod, we will plaster internally as standard. You can either opt in to decorate yourself, or we can include this in your project. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

Does my quote include VAT?

Yes – our estimates will come inclusive of VAT as standard, unless you’d prefer to see an estimate plus VAT.

Will my Ecopod be warm enough to use in the winter?

Yes! Our Ecopods have insulated floors, walls and roofs – this will help to keep any heat in during the winter and also keep cool in the summer. We install modern, electric wall heaters to ensure that you’re in control of your desired temperature all year round.

Can I tailor / separate the layout of my Ecopod?

We can customise the design of your Ecopod to suit your available outdoor space. We can alter the layout inside to suit how you plan to use your Ecopod.

What is a side canopy?

A side canopy is an extended roof to the side of your Ecopod which comes with a privacy rear panel and the option of an enclosed or open side panel. Side canopies allow you to use your outdoor space in the open whilst still providing a degree of shelter. A great solution for hot tubs.

How do you wire / provide power to my Ecopod?

We will need to discuss the most appropriate method of running the electrics from your home to your Ecopod. The location and the available capacity of your consumer unit will likely determine the most efficient and effective way of wiring your Ecopod.

Is it free to look into my Ecopod project?

An initial phone or virtual call is always a good idea to help us both understand if an Ecopod is right for you realistically, from a logistical and practical point of view. This call is free, and if you’re local to our head-quarters in Weston-super-Mare in the South West, we’ll visit you for free!

What access do you need to build my Ecopod?

Providing we have access to the outdoor space where your Ecopod will be constructed, you can leave us to it! We may require access to an electric plug socket – this can be discussed during the design consultation.

How do we get started?

Get in touch today using the ‘contact us’ form – click here and we’ll take you there directly now!

How much on-going maintenance will my Ecopod require?

Depending on the design options you pick for your Ecopod project, the on-going maintenance will be minimal. Things that may require on-going maintenance may include touching up or a change of decoration internally, and if you pick exterior wooden cladding we advise you purchase and apply an annual coat of OSMO oil.