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Garden Retreat

Create your very own personal oasis, right on your doorstep!

The benefits

One of our biggest problems today is space. A lot of us have more space available than we see at face value, and if utilised correctly we could have the ability to completely change our general morale and lifestyles, both personally or for the family.

In the modern society we all live in today, it can be difficult to disconnect from the pressure and fast paced demands of day-to-day life, especially when it comes to switching off from technology and social media. Now and again, it’s nice to clock off from reality and go off the grid for a bit of down time. A garden retreat could be the solution.

So, what would you do in your Ecopod garden retreat, and what could it look like? Here’s some inspo for you..

Eco Pod Project #1755
Eco Pod Project #1820

Additional benefits

Things to consider

Save money

An Ecopod could save you the expense of infrequently used memberships elsewhere and save on the costs of travel and time to get from A to B.

Adds value

An Ecopod is an asset to your property. Estate agents will consider your Ecopod when valuing your property, as will other valuers.

Low risk investment

An Ecopod designed as a garden retreat would be an attractive incentive to prospective buyers and could prove to be a good, low risk investment in the future

New opportunities

Could you pursue a hobby you haven’t previously? Could you tick a few boxes off the bucket list by utilising your available space or creating a new environment?

Unlimited posibilities

What other ways could you utilise your Ecopod? Could it double up to host friends and family or even just for some handy extra storage alongside your passions? Increasing the utility and maximising the usage of your Ecopod is important and helps justify your reasons for the investment.

a private space

To pursue your passions and help you thrive

Pursue your passions in a space designed to help you thrive! Have you ever wanted to take up a new hobby but never had to the space or facilities to do so? A tailor made Ecopod could be the answer. The great thing about Ecopods is that they’re so versatile. You could always do a U-turn and create a play area for the kids in your Ecopod and chill out in your home itself, the choice is ultimately yours.