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Home Gym

Immersing yourself into a virtual spin studio, yoga, pilates or multigym.

The benefits

A regular exercise routine is an important factor in many of our daily or weekly schedules. In a fast-paced world where time is so precious, a lot people would love the opportunity to work out and keep fit but simply just cannot find the time in the day to do so – added to the pressure of fitting in with commercial gym opening times and busy periods / limited equipment after work etc.

Could working out from home solve the riddle and enable you to keep fit more often? Timing that coffee and energy kick before working out is a lot easier when it’s your kitchen is supplying the goods! 

A home gym doesn’t just have to be about lifting weights – Immerse yourself in a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your yoga studio, or turn up the pace and get the blood pumping in your spinning class! Or do all three, the choice is yours. The beauty of having your own space is that you can arrange your home gym exactly how you like, in the privacy of your own home.


Additional benefits

Things to consider

Save time

Only a 30 second commute to your garden, instead of travelling to a busy gym

Membership fees

No recurring monthly membership fees to pay, or ongoing contracts to stick to

Your equipment

You can have full ownership of the equipment you use and won't have to share it with anyone else

No waiting around

There will be no busy periods, queues or waiting time to use the equipment

Listen to your own music

What mood are you in? You can pick the music and the atmosphere for your workout

Designed for you

Do you have a busy day? You can fit your workout in whenever you have free time

new to the gym scene?

Make a home gym a reality

Are you a newbie to the gym scene? Maybe a regular workout routine has been on your mind for long time, but never turned into a reality – a home gym could be the perfect start to your new-found hobby.

It’s worth noting that an Ecopod is an asset to your property. Estate agents will consider your Ecopod when valuing your property, as will other valuers. An Ecopod designed as a home gym would be an attractive incentive to prospective buyers and could prove to be a good, low risk investment.