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Home Bar

The perfect social hub for your home

The benefits

Having a home bar is something that most grown-ups love the idea of, even if just for 5 minutes. The dark cloud that is stopping you from seeing your pint in paradise turn into reality really isn’t as gloomy as you may initially think and we have the perfect solution, trialled and tested!

The concept of having your own home bar isn’t just to spend every minute of the day feeling a graciously wobbly, it’s to create the perfect environment for your place to become the social hub amongst friends and family. The ability to host birthday parties, garden parties, seasonal events, or even just for a catch up over a coffee helps you keep in touch with more of the people you love and want to spend time with more often. The odd poker night wouldn’t go a miss either, nor the opportunity to get pampered and ready before a night out!

Eco Pod Project #1755

Additional benefits

Things to consider

Save money

A pint and a cocktail isn’t the price it used to be - pour twice as much for half of the price, happy hour all year around!

Be the bartender

Unleash your inner-concoctionist – practice and experiment until your heart is content

Made how you like it

Your favourite drink is always available and made to your preference – just how you like it

No unexpected guests

You control the guest list – no third parties will be throwing a spanner in the works

Listen to your own music

Indulge in your own tunes - Karaoke or indie night? The jukebox is yours!

Designed for you

Are you looking for a bar, pub or club? Kit out your Ecopod exactly how you want

All in your time

You no longer have to worry about taxis! No long queues to wait in or ‘time and a half’ to pay.

Close up shop

No rush to finish up, you call ‘last orders’ on your time and can head straight inside when you are done.

new hobbies

Dabble in the life of a bartender in your garden

Have you ever fancied the opportunity to brew your own beer or cider, or perhaps you fancy dabbling in the life of a bartender and taking up cocktail mixing? Could an Ecopod instigate you achieving your goal and allow you to explore your new hobby? Anyway, hopefully some food for thought. Make the most of your Ecopod – find out what else could your home bar double up as. Check out our other uses for your Ecopod!