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Side Canopy

Our side canopy is effectively an extension to your Ecopod

The benefits

A side canopy allows for even further uses to become a reality in your outside space. Designed with a privacy rear panel and with the option to have an enclosed or open side panel, our side canopy allows you to have shelter from the elements all with the feel of being outside.

This can be a great addition to your luxury shed or outbuilding design, whether that be for the garden hot tub, or for a spot of alfresco dining.


Additional benefits

Things to consider

Justify the investment

Increasing the utility and maximising the usage of your Ecopod is important and helps justify your reasons for investment.

An asset to your property

An Ecopod is an asset to your property. Estate agents will consider your Ecopod when valuing your property, as will other valuers.

Low risk investment

An Ecopod designed as a luxury shed or outhouse would be an attractive incentive to fellow prospective buyers and could prove to be a good, low risk investment in the future.

Increased proactivity

Could you be more effective and proactive at home by having an Ecopod? How could it change your day-to-day lifestyle, could this purpose-built space make life easier?

Save money

An Ecopod will save you the expense of renting or acquiring a unit, a garage or additional space elsewhere and save on the on-going costs associated, which is always important to factor in when comparing the financial pros and cons involved.