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Garden Office

The benefits of work life and home life merged into one!

The benefits

In more recent years with advances in technology and businesses offering more flexible working patterns, many of us increasingly now find ourselves working remotely at home. Which let’s face it, having our little home comforts is a lovely perk, but there are some factors that can encourage resistance to do our job effectively from home / remotely.

The little check list of ‘must haves’ will depend on your job, but an Ecopod garden office would give you the following:


Additional benefits

Things to consider

Cost effective

An Ecopod will save you the expense of renting or acquiring office space elsewhere and save on the costs involved with your commute, which is always an important to factor.

Adds value

An Ecopod is an asset to your property. Estate agents will consider your Ecopod when valuing your property, as will other valuers.

Low risk investment

An Ecopod designed as a garden office would be an attractive incentive to fellow home workers and could prove to be a good, low risk investment in the future.

Avoid unexpected delays

You could save time in your day as you won’t hit unexpected delays that your usual commute may throw in from time to time, such as traffic.

Be more proactive

Could you be more effective and proactive at working from home more regularly? What do you value about working from the office as opposed to remotely?

Multiple uses

Your Ecopod can be utilised for other purposes outside of work hours. Increasing the utility and maximising the usage of your Ecopod is important and helps justify the investment.

Quality investment

For your lifestyle, career, health and family

An Ecopod is an investment into your lifestyle as well as your career, health or family. An Ecopod is more than just an insulated garden shed or a room in the garden to work out of. This timber framed outhouse is a bespoke design tailored to your work life, which will give you the ability to control your work / life balance at home and help you manage your job more efficiently and effectively from home all year around.